Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jamie and Nathan

Ok, get ready for a photo overload.  We took a ton of fun photos with Jamie and Nathan.  Nate was a good sport and didn't act annoyed when I kept calling him Nate, even though he said his name was Nathan and no one really called him Nate:)  He is joining our family so I guess I can call him whatever I want right?!?!


DSC_0521deep forest

DSC_0512deep forest

DSC_0498deep forest

DSC_0463deep forest



DSC_0317deep forest



Anna Harrison said...

Nicole. If you call THIS a photo overload then you should check out my blogs. I don't even know what you would consider the billion photos I put up. :)

These look great though! You are fantastic!

Also, weren't we going to hang out??

Call me!

Tyler Williamson said...

Great Work Nicole. They look fantastic.